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For literally hundreds upon hundreds of years casinos all over the country have proven incredibly popular and were often frequented by keen gamblers and individuals looking to hopefully win big and take home a substantial amount of cash in the process.
Live dealer casinoCasinos have been popular for centuries now, and they’re still incredibly popular to this day, though now, thanks to all of the advances in modern technology, namely the Internet and smart devices, we can gamble in virtual “online” casinos in the comfort of our own homes, by barely having to lift a finger. Simply put, if you have an Internet connection, you can gamble online and hopefully win a substantial amount of cash in the process.

One problem with gambling online however, is that many of the games were automated which basically meant you were playing against a computer. Many people deemed this unfair as they were convinced certain programs and processes had been used to tip the balance in favour of the casinos, making it much harder for users to win whilst playing against a computer. Because of this, live dealer casinos have proven incredibly popular over the last decade or so, and it is these types of casinos we’ll be looking at shortly. Before we get to that however, let’s take a brief look at the history of gambling and how casinos came about in the first place.

A brief history of live dealer online casinos

Live dealer casinos in the real world have obviously been around for decades, centuries in fact, but obviously as the internet is still a relatively new invention, the history of live dealer online casinos doesn’t go back very far. Never the less, it is still interesting.
Live dealer casino
Back in the year 2003, a company known as Playtech was the first software provider that presented gamblers with the opportunity to play online with a real life dealer. Unfortunately back then, as many people were still on dial up and had slow and laggy internet connections, live dealer online games didn’t really catch on too well.

These games need to be streamed live in real time, otherwise it defeats to purpose. The years went by, and other companies such as Evolution and Microgaming got in on the act. As the years went by, internet connections sped up, technology advanced, and with super fast fibre optic broadband becoming more and more common, live dealer games really began to take off.

What are live dealer casinos and how do they work?

In very basic terms, live dealer casinos are casinos which use real life dealers for the games that they offer. That means that a real person will deal cards to customers, rather than a machine or a piece of software.

Live dealer online casinos operate on the same premise, with games and rooms being overseen by real life dealers, not just a piece of computer programming, which some have accused of being rigged and unfair. Players will be greeted by the dealers, who will be visible on screen and will address players personally and interact as such to prove that the images they’re seeing are indeed live. From this point, the dealers, who will be professional and glamorous in appearance will take bets, will deal cards, and will greet new guests personally.

Who are they best suited for, and are they more beneficial?

The great thing about live dealer online casinos is the fact that they’re so much more trustworthy than online gambling casinos that use computers and software to play their games. With live dealer casinos however, a live video stream will allow users to see a clear image of the dealer’s hands on the table at all time, so you know there is no cheating going on. The cards remain in sight at all time. For that reason, anybody who is unsure about online gambling against a computer could benefit greatly with this particular type of game as it adds an element of trust to the proceedings.

Which is better?

Though both live dealer and basic online casinos are both very beneficial, especially when you’re winning, realistically you’d have to go with the live dealer casinos as being superior, simply for the fact that they offer peace of mind and are considered more secure and trustworthy. Not only that, but the added human element makes things a little more laid back and, human, if you will.

So, which live dealer casino games are recommended? – There are many different live dealer online casino games for players to choose from, though from personal experience, and general feedback, the most popular choices appear to be:

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