How to buy with Bitcoin?

Every day the number of places where you can make payments in bitcoins is growing. A few major online retailers began to accept direct Bitcoin payments in 2014, which accelerated the process of Bitcoin acceptance and let it make dramatic progress in 2015.

Bitcoins can be used to buy goods and services via certain online retailers. They can also be spent on gift cards, which makes it possible to buy from merchants who don’t accept bitcoins. There are also physical merchants that accept bitcoin payments.

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Online shopping

Lots of websites accept payments in Bitcoin. They cover the paying process during checkout, but it involves copying a Bitcoin address and sending the amount indicated by the merchant from your account to that address. There are also merchants that provide QR codes to make mobile payments possible.

At the moment the list of major online retailers that accept payments in Bitcoin is quite impressive and includes Microsoft, Dell, Expedia, Overstock and Newegg. A full list of the enterprises accepting Bitcoins is available here.

What if the place I want to shop at doesn’t allow any Bitcoin payments?

How to buy with BitcoinIf you want to buy something online from a retailer that doesn’t accept Bitcoin directly, check out if that website is supported by a gift card provider that could be accepting altcoin payments.

This way you can purchase a gift card for the place where you want to shop and then spend funds collected on that gift card there as usual.

Gyft is one of the major gift cards providers and supports all kinds of merchants, including big stores, like Amazon. There are lots of alternatives to Gyft if you need a specific or less popular merchant, so try searching what gift card you should get to shop there. Pockio is a place where you can buy gift cards in other digital currencies, like Litecoin and Dogecoin.

Shopping with Bitcoin

The number of physical stores that accept Bitcoins is growing internationally. It’s possible to find merchants that accept Bitcoin payments in all market sectors, from coffee houses and restaurants to clothes and building materials. The majority of physical retailers that accept Bitcoin payments are places which offer food and beverages.

But even if the place you want to visit doesn’t accept Bitcoin payments, it might be accepting the gift cards mentioned before, just like in the case of  Starbucks. A list of places you can spend your Bitcoins at can be found on the map available at

But, if you still prefer shopping online, virtual currencies are becoming prevalent to well known online retailers, like Amazon and eBay. The services offer direct Bitcoin payment along with some other currencies.

When is using Bitcoin more profitable than paying with fiat?

The main purpose of digital currencies is to allow its users to do things they couldn’t get done with fiat currencies.

A great example of what Bitcoin can be used for is online gambling. Since Bitcoin is based on mathematical equations, it can be easily transmitted and is infinitely divisible. Many online casinos are based on Bitcoins, and most of them don’t discriminate any IP addresses, even the ones that origin from certain countries that might not be friendly with cryptocurrencies, making it easy for everyone to play.

Gambling is open to anyone who owns a Bitcoin wallet, as the currency being based on maths, enables every player to enjoy  games for thousands of dollars, or smaller amounts, even cents. Everyone can play, even if they don’t have a big amount of cash to spend.

But if gambling isn’t your thing, there are still plenty of things that can be done better with Bitcoins instead of regular currencies.

Bitcoin can also be used to make donations to charities, content providers and media outlets. Plenty of organizations decided to accept Bitcoins as it doesn’t involve having to pay for regulatory institutions or middlemen. With the potential of Bitcoin being a great currency to get involved with making donations, it could be a game changer here: the donations are put directly to the organizations and the donor doesn’t have to worry about fees, delays or corruption.

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