Who Are The Bitcoin Millionaires?

Who Are The Bitcoin Millionaires?

Bitcoins have been around since 2009 and, with plenty of mining, it is a very large currency. Right now, over 15,700,000 bitcoins exist in the wider world.

So, where are they all? With this many Bitcoins in circulation, it’s possible for people to become millionaires - perhaps even billionaires - through Bitcoin alone.

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Who Has The Most Bitcoins?

First of all, a disclaimer: it’s next to impossible to know exactly who has the most Bitcoins. Wallets are anonymous and do not reveal their owners identity. Many people with a lot of Bitcoins keep them in separate wallets, so it’s hard to ever determine one person’s individual holdings.

However, the wallet with the most Bitcoins right now has $101,000,000 worth of Bitcoins, so they’re certainly a millionaire! Yet this doesn’t mean the owner of that wallet doesn’t have a completely separate wallet, or more than one other wallet, each containing more Bitcoins.

In short, we have no way of knowing, for sure, who has the most Bitcoins, but there are a lot of educated guesses out there from people who actively follow the currency and keep up with movements made from some significantly large wallets.

Top 5 Suspected Bitcoin Millionaires and Billionaires

1 - Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin MillionairesWhen it comes to Bitcoin billionaires, nobody is suspected of having the absolute largest number of Bitcoins than Satoshi Nakamoto. This is the online persona of the Bitcoin system’s anonymous creator. While nobody is sure of his real identity, it can be fairly assumed that the founder would have one of the largest stores of Bitcoins, likely in multiple wallets.
The assumption is supported by the fact that, aside from being the creator, he or she is assumed to have been mining until their departure from the system in 2011. Between 2009 and 2011 he could have made more than 1,000,000 Bitcoins.

Most people believe he still has most of those Bitcoins today, as some of the oldest wallets have not been touched since around 2011.

If there is such a thing as a Bitcoin billionaire, he is likely to be the only one for now.

2 - Roger Ver

Roger Ver was an early adopter to the Bitcoin currency. Not only did he start mining Bitcoins, he also invested into the infrastructure very early on. By now, it is assumed he has amassed a very large number of BItcoins during these early years, like Satoshi Nakamoto, when mining was very easy (and lucrative) to accomplish.
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3 - Winklevoss Twins

The Winklevoss twins were programmers who worked with Mark Zuckerberg to create the original idea for Facebook (which Zuckerberg subsequently took and used for himself). It is said that, at some point, the twins invested an enormous amount of money into Bitcoin.

Yet, although they likely still hold a considerable amount, more recent rumours suggest the pair sold off many of their Bitcoins while they were still worth $1,000 dollars. This may have caused the value to drop as rapidly as it did during the time, although there is no way to confirm this rumour.

4 - Barry Silbert

Along with Roger Ver, Barry Silbert was another early adopter who mined a large number of Bitcoins, while also investing in the infrastructure of the Bitcoin system itself. He may have sold off a lot of his coins, but there’s no way to know for use. What is known is that his active involvement over such a period of time gave him ample opportunity to buy, sell and trade Bitcoins to his advantage.

5 - Peter Theil

As one of Paypal’s CEOs and founders, Peter Theil got very interested in Bitcoins while theBitcoin Millionaires currency was still in its infancy. He’s assumed to have invested a large chunk of money into buying Bitcoins and has almost surely held onto a huge percentage of them. In his opinion, Bitcoin could end up changing the world, so it makes sense that he would like to keep hold of a significant amount.

Unfortunately, we may never know just how many Bitcoins these people own. However, there are certainly numerous Bitcoin millionaires out there, and these five people are the most likely candidates behind the wallets.
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