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Bitcoin seems to be one of the hottest topics right now. Some of the major online casinos started accepting the cryptocurrency and there’s plenty of online casinos that only accept the altcoin and offer games that can’t be played anywhere else. Read to find out more about Bitcoin and the ways it can be used? We’ve got all the answers you might need, so just click and read!

Is Bitcoin prepared for the next global financial crisis?

When thinking about the next financial crisis that might occur globally, one shouldn’t be asking themselves if it’s going to happen but, rather, when will it hit the banks. Many members of the Bitcoin community believe that the digital currency won’t be going down with all fiat currencies, as it’s decentralized, peer-to-peer, open-access and border-less.…
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Big Finance Companies Are Hiring Bitcoiners As “Specialists”!

It seems like the need to hire blockchains specialists in finance is growing really fast, as companies like IBM, American Express, Bank of America, J P Morgan, Infosys, Fidelity and BNY Mellon are looking to hire people who understand blockchains and will be able to help them integrate them with their legacy financial systems. Bitcoin…
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Bitcoin Unlimited Tested By World’s 6th Biggest Mining Pool

ViaBTC, a Chinese mining pool, has decided to start testing Bitcoin Unlimited. This move can be considered significant for the pool’s managers, as it might come with implications for the Bitcoin block size debate going forward. ViaBTC is the 6th biggest mining pool on the planet, even though the pool is still new, as it…
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Custos: stopping piracy with bitcoins?

Pirates should start thinking about changing their profession, as a Stellenbosch-based startup, Custos Media Technology, that will be fighting online piracy, has made a deal with South African Technology Innovation Agency (TIA), which will help them grow and offer services to a market way bigger than before. TIA agreed to provide almost 6 million rand,…
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Four Big Banks Will Create A Digital Currency

Four well-known and major banks are about to announce the creation of their new blockchain-based virtual currency, which they are hoping will become a global standard for settlements. UBS, Santander, Deutsche Bank and BNY Mellon, joined by broker ICAP, worked on a plan under the original name of “utility settlement coin”, aiming to convince central…
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