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Is there a game as glamourous as roulette? No words can describe the emotions that come with every single spin of the wheel. We are pretty sure that everyone’s heart skips a beat each time, right before the ball falls into its destined pocket. Will it be win or will it be a lose? We know that you deserve to win. Read our tips and tricks for roulette strategy and improve your game!

Roulette: American Wheel

Ever since its invention in the 18th century, roulette has been a game loved by many players around the globe. With the dreams of collecting a life-changing win and becoming a legend, gamblers have been loving roulette and have brought it to the United States, where a noticeable modification has been applied to the very…
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History of roulette

Roulette has been bringing entertainment and wins to players for centuries, but not everybody is aware of the history of this game. It’s a popular fact that roulette depends on odds, statistics and house edges, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the person behind the invention of roulette is no one else but Blaise Pascal,…
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Interesting facts about roulette!

A dose of cool facts is always a nice break from reality and, today, we have prepared an amazing list of interesting facts about one of the most beloved casino games of all times: roulette. Take a seat and check if you already knew everything about your favorite game! Play Roulette for real money in Canada…
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What you need to know about the European Roulette Wheel

European roulette seems to be the best fit for most players, as it provides a better chance to win with its house advantage of a mere 2.63%. This version of the popular game can be played online or at brick-and-mortar casinos, which makes it really easy to enjoy a nice round or two of the…
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The mystery of paroli roulette system

Paroli roulette system is also called as reverse or anti-martingale. This strategy is commonly used in roulette, but it can also be applied to other games, like blackjack, sports betting or even forex or stock market trading. This tactic is very often considered as more efficient and profitable than martingale, although it doesn’t guarantee any…
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