Apple starts accepting three more cryptocurrencies!

Since more and more merchants are accepting not only Bitcoin, but also many other cryptocurrencies, Apple could not be left behind. On September 12, the company revealed a list of three new cryptos that, from now on, will be an accepted method of payment on the App Store. Lisk, Steem and Digicash have joined Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, DAO and Ethereum on the list of currencies now accepted by Apple for their iOS App Store.

Apple is known to take digital currencies back and forth from allowing to use them in their App Store to disapproving them. The company has been rather friendly towards the most popular altcoin, Bitcoin, but when it comes to the other currencies, they were not always necessary wanting to accept them. Right now, with nine cryptos being accepted by the App Store, Apple might be getting a lot of positive feedback from the cryptocurrency communities.

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Enthusiastic reactions

Bitcoiners are happy with the company as, with the latest actualisation of iOS to iOS10, users of this particular cryptocurrency were allowed to integrate the Circle application into the iMessage platform. Many doubted that Apple will decide to allow users to make direct bitcoin transactions through their messaging platform but the rumours turned out to be true, leading to a whole lot of enthusiastic posts on social media from the Bitcoin community.

This continued approval of the cryptocurrency market, from some of the world’s leading companies, definitely gives hope for more common use and acceptance of nontraditional forms of money. Digital coins are widely accepted all over the world, allowing its users to make payments for entertainment, services or just everyday goods like clothes. Spending cryptocurrencies doesn’t seem to be a problem and more companies are trying to get involved with it, as it allows cheaper and instant transactions that can’t be provided by traditional forms of banking.

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