Blockchain Classes Grow More Popular With Bigger Economy

The digital economy has created quite a few new job opportunities and led to people enrolling in Bitcoin and blockchain classes, to learn skills that will be relevant in their future workplaces.

Software developers are signing up for classes in order to start expanding their knowledge in these developing fields, as Bloomberg states. Developers can choose between enrolling in payment courses or attending free online classes. Some of the most popular courses are the Blockchain Bootcamp that takes place in Luxembourg, Byte Academy that can be attended in New York and a course at Princeton Coursera: Bitcoin Cryptocurrency and Technology.

Jered Kenna, one of the first to get involved with Bitcoin, says that professionals that are experienced in blockchain can make about $200,000 per annum. A Bitcoin developer, Jeff Garzik. revealed that. at the moment. there are only about 250 people who can be considered experts in blockchain and that number is expected to increase.

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Arvind Narayanan, a teacher for the Coursera program said that, at the beginning of the course, there were 46,000 people registered and 35,000 were taking the class. The Coursera Princeton is free but others can cost from 1,200 euros for a two day class in Luxembourg, to even 10,000 dollars for an 8 week course in New York.

It’s an obvious fact that Bitcoin brings not only economical but also laboral opportunities with its technology. Companies want to teach their employees to understand the changing trading market.

Furthermore, even banks are sending their staff to attend blockchain classes. The future seems to be giving a chance for digital currencies to become more popular or just as common as fiat money, so no wonder companies and developers want to be prepared for that change in economy. Do you think Bitcoin has the potential to become a real risk to traditional money? Or maybe it already is one?

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