Baccarat online – know the rules!

Baccarat Explained: Rules For Beginners

We all enjoy a bit of a gamble now and then, and providing that you’re sensible and know your limits, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that in the slightest. Over the last few decades, casinos and gambling in general has become more and more popular with each passing day, but in reality gambling and various gambling games have been around for centuries upon centuries.

One such game for example, is baccarat, which is still extremely popular to this day. Here we’ll be taking a look at the history behind baccarat, how to play it, and a few useful hints and tips to help ensure that you give yourself the best possible chances of winning the next time you play this game. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

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A few words about the history...

Baccarat is a game of French origins and its first references can be traced as far back as the 1400’s. Though the game is of French origin, it is believed that baccarat actually made its way over to France from Italy. The word “baccarat” actually comes from the Italian word for “zero”. The reasoning for this is that each of the tens, kings, queens, and jacks will all actually have a value equalling zero.

As well as this, it also makes reference to any hand having a total of zero, so for example, a hand of a three and a seven will make 10, which is worth zero and therefore baccarat. Though documented back in the 1400’s, it didn’t become a popular casino game until some 500 years later, popular especially amongst French nobility and royalty.

There are actually three different variations of the game: baccarat chiming de far, Punto banco, and baccarat banquet. Each one of these versions is almost identical in rules, with the only major difference being the manner in which the cards are dealt.

Baccarat rules

Now we know a little about the history of baccarat, let’s familiarize ourselves with the rules, shall we?

  • baccarat palletBaccarat can be played from an 8 or 6 deck shoe.
  • The 10’s and face cards have no value, whereas any card less than 10 will be counted as face value.
  • Each ace is worth 1, and suits don’t matter, and only single digit values can be valid.
  • Any form of count that reaches double digits will remove the left digit, so 15 would be classed as 5, and 26 would be classed as 6.
  • To begin, players are required to bet on either: punto, banco, or standoff.
  • Two cards will be dealt by the dealer, first to the player, and then also to the banker.
  • The basic objective here is to bet on the hand that you believe will be of the highest value in total.
  • The dealer may also deal a third card to the punto (player) and the banco (banker).

How to play baccarat

You'll find some interesting and useful advices below, but you should also read this article to learn more about baccarat tips and strategies. Now, let’s take a look at exactly how to play baccarat.

Understand you can bet on either of both hands – There are two hands, the banker’s, and the player’s. Players can bet on either of the two hands, with bets being placed before the cards are even dealt.

Understand how the cards are dealt – The player and banker both receive two cards. The casino operator or the player holding the shoe will then slide one card out and will place it face side up in the player’s allocated box on the table. Then, the banker’s first card will also be dealt in exactly the same way, but in the banker’s box instead. Another two cards will then be drawn, another for the player, and another for the banker.

Display the points in total from both cards – We know that 10’s and face cards are worth zero, the ace worth one, and all others worth their face value. If for example, you are dealt a 9 and a 6, this will total 15, but will only be worth 5 points. To win, you must ensure you bet on the hand that comes in total, the closest to 9 as possible.

Make sure you know the ‘natural’ win – If with the first two cards that are dealt, the total points are 8 or 9 for the banker or the player, this is known as a ‘natural’ win, and basically the game is over. Any bets that have already been placed will then be cashed out.

Look at point totals to decide whether a third card is required – The first hand to be completed is the player hand. If the total is 8 or a 9 for the player, they will receive no further cards. Players will stand on totals of 7 or 6, and anything else I.E 0 – 5 a third card is drawn, unless of course, the banker has 8 or 9, then the banker wins and no further cards are drawn.

baccarat cardUnderstand the third card rules for the banker –
If a player draws no more cards, the banker will draw with a total of 0 – 5 and will stay pat with a total of 6 or 7. Any other hands will depend on which third card a player is dealt. So:

  • If the 3rd player card is 8, the banker will draw when they have 0 – 2 and stays with a 3 – 7
  • If the third player card is a 9, 10, face card, or an ace, the banker then draws when they have 0 – 3 and stays when they have a 4 – 7
  • If the third player card is 7 or 6, the banker will then draw when they have 0 – 6 and stays with a 7
  • If the third player card is 4 or 5, the banker draws when they have 0 – 5 and stays with a 6 – 7
  • If the third player card is a 3 or a 2, the banker will draw when they have 0 – 4 and will stay with a 5 – 7

Work out the winning hand when all cards are dealt –
Once each of the cards has been dealt, the winning hand is the hand which comes the closest in total to 9. If there is a tie, neither hand wins nor loses, although sometimes commission is paid out of winnings if the banker’s hand has been bet on.

Try out your skills by playing Baccarat with us below!

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