Blackjack strategy – Master the Game!

The Mystery Of Blackjack Strategy Revealed

Probably you’ve heard before, or you read before our article about the rules, that blackjack is a game beatable by the player. In this article I’ll try to explain why is it possible and how to win in blackjack. There are different ways to increase the chances, from using special ranges against the dealer’s hands to the advanced counting cards strategy. Each of them makes your odds better and applied together, may cause serious money boosts to your wallet.

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There are extraordinarily smart people, who know by heart all the numbers shown below and the tactics described here. Obviously, it’s simply impossible to acquire this knowledge in one day – first you need to gain a lot of experience and play thousands, or even tens of thousands hands. The sooner you start playing, the sooner you get desired experience.
We prepared the necessary tips and the great charts, which will help you to take the proper decisions. They are useful not only for novice players and even if you’re already good at reading and applying particular ranges of hands, the charts can always stay opened during the game and be a kind of cheat sheets. Let’s get it started!

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Dependable on the dealer’s hand, there are different actions you should take. A lot of players very often forget about quite underrated option or they just don’t know, when to double down in blackjack. Below you can find certain actions that you should take in different circumstances.

Double down, if…

  1. The dealer has A and you have 11
  2. The dealer has 2 and you have soft 18
  3. The dealer has 3-6 and you have soft 17-18
  4. The dealer has 3-6 and you have hard 9
  5. The dealer has 4-6 and you have 15-16
  6. The dealer has 5-6 and you have 13-14
  7. The dealer has 6 and you have soft 19
  8. You have hard 10, but the dealer has less than 10
  9. You have hard 11, but the dealer doesn’t have A

The chance for attractive earnings comes, when you get a pocket pair, but again, in some particular situations only. Read carefully and try to remember the following advices.

Always split, if…

  1. You have AA or 88!
  2. You have 22 or 33 and the dealer has 4-7
  3. You have 44 and the dealer has 5-6 (only if double down after split is allowed)
  4. You have 66 and the dealer has 3-6
  5. You have 66 and the dealer shows 2 (only if double down after split is allowed)
  6. You have 77 and the dealer has 2-7
  7. You have 99 and the dealer has no 10, no A nor 7

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You will also face a difficult situations, when you aren’t sure whether to hit or stand. Use the hints we prepared below to take the best decisions at the blackjack table.
Always hit, if…

  1. You were dealt hard 11 (or lower)
  2. You were dealt hard 12 and the dealer has 2-3 or 7 up (including A)
  3. You were dealt 13-16 and the dealer has 7 up (including A)
  4. You were dealt soft 17 (or lower)

You should definitely stand, if…

  1. You were dealt hard 17 (or higher)
  2. You were dealt soft 18, but the dealer has anything below 9.
  3. You were dealt soft 19 (or higher)

Try out your skills by playing Blackjack with us below!

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