Online slots – 7 tips how to win at slots

How To Win At Slots: 7 Handy Tips

Slots are by far one of the most popular methods of gambling and are common sight in casinos all over the world. Thanks to the advances in modern technology over the last few decades however, the slot machines themselves, and the technology that they operate from are now more sophisticated, more advanced, and more high-tech than ever before.

As well as slot machines in casinos, thanks to the Internet and the popularity of online gambling, online slots are now real big business and generate billions upon billions in profit every single year.

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The casinos aren’t the only ones who benefit however, as players from all over the world are winning pretty substantial amounts of cash on a daily basis, with a decent percentage being fortunate enough to scoop huge jackpots and take home life-changing amounts of money.

Whether you’re looking to make some good money, a little spending money on the side, or just simply pass the time and enjoy yourself in the hope of winning something, online slots could be exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re a keen online slots player, or are seriously thinking about giving it a go, here are a few tips and strategies to maximise your chances of winning on the slots.

Choose casinos with a high payout

Slot_machinesIf you were to simply search for online slots on the internet, you’d be met with dozens upon dozens, even hundreds upon hundreds, of online casinos that all feature online slot machines on their websites.

Naturally, like most things in life, some of these websites and online casinos will be better than others, and more importantly for you, some will offer much higher payouts than others.

Take your time, read the forums, ask around, do your research, and find casinos that offer the highest payouts because naturally the higher the payouts, the more money you stand to make. If you’re what is referred to as a “low roller” you should also check on the minimum amount that you can withdraw as well.

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Build up your online bankroll 

To maximize your chances of really making some good money, you should first focus on building up your online bankroll, resisting the urge to cash out, even when you’re slightly ahead. If you’re only trying to make a little money however, you could cash out, but for the most part, to be able to make more substantial amounts, you’ll need to gradually increase your bankroll.

At first it will seem tedious and boring, but over time it will become fun, and besides which, playing for small amounts will give you some much-needed practice, and in the event that you do lose, it won’t be a disaster as the amounts will only be relatively small. The best way of increasing your bankroll is to bet on minimums, then basically continue until it has built up. Next, if you’re confident, increase your bets, but again, keep them low and overtime your bankroll should again increase, meaning that slightly dangerous bets now won’t seem quite as risky or daunting.

Set a goal and cash out when you reach it

The problem with online slots is that many people simply don’t know when to say NO and draw a line. The expression “quit whilst you’re ahead” has never been more appropriate than when playing online slots. People will double, even triple their initial deposit, and will find themselves becoming greedy, attempting to make even more, and then losing everything in a heartbeat. Set yourself a target, and when/if you reach it, cash out and call it a day. You can then bank your profit and perhaps keep your deposit and try to do the exact same thing the next day, or whenever you next feel like playing.

Stay clear of low progressive jackpots

tips for slot machinesA great way of determining whether or not a “machine” is likely to pay out is to look at the size of the progressive jackpot. If the progressive jackpot size is small, this indicates that the machine recently paid out, and as a result, will be unlikely to do so again for a while. Instead, go for games with large progressive jackpots, as this indicates the “machine” could be ready to pay out at any time.

Another important clue is that the progressive jackpot slot machines usually have a much lower payout ratio than the regular slots. Most of the non-jackpot machines show payouts over 90%, while those with huge jackpots very often offer much lower payouts.

Select your strongest game

There are numerous variations of online slots games, and naturally you’ll find yourself being better at some than others. For that reason, always go with games that you feel the strongest and most confident when playing. If you’re good at something, naturally the more you play it the better you will become, and the better you become, the more likely you will be to make some good money.

Go for games with bonus rounds and free spins

To increase your playing time and maximize your chances of winning, always opt for online slots games that feature free spins and bonus rounds. It’s pretty self explanatory, but playing games that offer these “freebies” will give you an extra lifeline or two, plus additional chances of winning when ordinarily you may have been out of luck on games which did not include these features.

Be sensible and be prepared to lose

Let’s face it, we all know what gambling is, and when we’re winning it’s the best thing in the world, yet when we’re losing we can’t think of anything worse. When you gamble, you will win, but you will also lose, it goes with the territory, and you have to prepare for this, set yourself goals and limits, and always bet sensibly and know when to say enough’s enough. So, actually before you find out how to win at slots, you should first get to know how to lose.

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