Top 5 secrets casinos don’t want you to know

They say that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Yet, it turns out that Sin City’s secrets have started to leak out, letting players from all around the world take a peek behind the scenes of their favorite casino. But it seems like some of the biggest brick-and-mortar casinos share quite a few of these secrets.

Curious what tricks they use to turn the odds in their favour?

1. Have you ever been to a casino? If so, you most probably noticed that it’s not that easy to leave them, not only because the games are so entertaining or it’s simply your lucky day but because finding your way out might be a little problematic, since casinos are designed to be labyrinths. Wanna go home? Prepare for a bit of walking.

2. You most probably won’t find a clock anywhere in the casino and it’s not because they wouldn’t suit the interior design of that gambling temple. The reason why is simple: time seems to go by faster, when you’re playing and casinos don’t want you to keep track of time. They want you to gamble for as long as possible.

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3. The free drinks and meals you could be getting aren’t really that free. The amount of money that you and other players spend at the casino is enough to cover these treats. What’s more, with a little bit of booze, you’re more likely to place higher bets and also to lose. Of course, it’s nice to enjoy a treat on the house but be careful, as you don’t want to gamble your salary away just because the drinking got one shot too far!

4. Do you feel at home when you’re spending time at your favorite casino? Good, this means their strategy is working. The lighting at casinos is designed to resemble the one you’ve got at your very own home. It will make you feel comfortable, calm and that means you’ll become more likely to stay longer. Clever, huh?

5. We all dream of winning big but some people go crazy, getting their hopes too high and getting so caught up playing, they can’t be bothered to leave the table, even if they need to use the toilet. So, watch out. That chair you’re just about to sit on, might have been… used before.

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