The True Face of Martingale Roulette Strategy

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Term of “martingale” was used by gamblers in 18th century, France and was presented as a theory by mathematician Paul Pierre Levy. Martingale in gambling refers to decreasing the house edge and is considered as one of the best roulette strategy. The main assumption of this theory is simple and guarantees a player a win of his initial wager with the only one condition: his bankroll must be unlimited.

Does it mean that even Bill Gates theoretically could have gone broken playing roulette online just for 1 cent? Yes. If your eyes popped out of your head, read the following article to clarify a few things.

 martingale strategy


Understand how it works

Obviously the probability of such extremely unbelievable situation is even smaller than a chance of meeting Angelina Jolie in your bedroom tomorrow night. But think about it in a different way – what if she really appeared there? Is it physically possible? Yes. This has to meet with hundreds of conditions almost impossible to fulfill. The same applies to the roulette betting strategy mentioned above.

Every bet on black/red, odd/even and high/low is like a coin flip. And now carefully, I have a riddle: each flip is exactly 50% for heads and tails. What’s the probability of flipping heads, if the result was tails twice in a row? What if it’s 10 times in a row? Is 100 possible?


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Again the answer is: yes. Every flip is random and separate, which means that one toss doesn’t depend on another, so each time the chances for flipping either obverse or reverse is constant and equals exactly 50 %. Theoretically even streak of 100 repeats is possible, but the probability for that is obviously much smaller and equals 0,5100 %.


Martingale works perfectly for patient investors

martingale RouletteMartingale betting strategy is easy to play and to understand. Simply put a small wager on a “coin flip” (for example black or red) and if you win, put your winning aside – this is your profit. In case of losing, double the initial bet. If you lose again, double the previous stake to cover losses. Your profit will be always the first bet you placed.

Why it needs the infinite bankroll? Because, like I explained before, streak of bad luck might last for a long time. For instance, if you start with 1 $ and you lose, you bet 2 $. If you win, you get 1 $ profit (4$- 2$ (wager) – 1$ (initial bet) = 1$). What if you lose 10 times in a row? Then you have to invest 1023 $ just to win 1$! (1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128+256+512=1023). What if you lose 20 times in a row (what is possible)? Et cetera. 


Martingale hints:

  • Choose roulette tables with low minimum and high maximum bet; most of the casinos protect themselves and usually offer multiply of 100 of the minimum bet. This allows you to play only 7 levels of martingale, which means, that if your losing streak is 8, you lose all the money you already invested.
  • Martingale is recommended for people, who have enough money to invest, accept possibility of losing their bankroll and have courage to bet higher and higher.
  • Don’t use this roulette system if you don’t have enough money to make your eventual losses back. Keep it in mind that martingale strategy is useful for short term sessions.


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martingale strategy



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