History of roulette

Roulette has been bringing entertainment and wins to players for centuries, but not everybody is aware of the history of this game. It’s a popular fact that roulette depends on odds, statistics and house edges, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the person behind the invention of roulette is no one else but Blaise Pascal, a physicist, mathematician and inventor from France.

In the late 1600s, he tried to create a perpetual motion machine, that would continue to operate without having to drive energy from an external source. The laws of physics don’t see this as possible but Pascal was willing to give it a try. Even though his experiment failed and he didn’t manage to defy the odds, one of the most popular casino games was born.

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Until the mid-19th century, the game didn’t come with a zero on its wheel. For centuries, players would depend on the wheel created by Pascal but, in 1842, Francois and Lois Blanc created a wheel with a single zero added to it. The updated wheel was created for King Charles III of Monaco and gave a bigger house edge to the house. At that time, Monaco was facing some financial troubles, so the king opened a casino and introduced Roulette to the masses. The game brought Monaco quite a large income and shortly became an important symbol of Monte Carlo.

In the 1800s, Roulette came to America and got double zeros added to its pockets. The European wheel has a 0 and numbers from 1 to 36 on it, while the American version comes with a 0, 00 and numbers from 1 to 36. Adding the double zero to roulette created an even higher house edge, making the European style roulette the one that players want to play more. Thanks to the online gambling industry, playing both versions is possible from any place on Earth, so, no matter which wheel you prefer, you can easily give it a try. Good luck!

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