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Our payment methods

Let’s face it, these days more and more of our everyday activities and day to day tasks are now performed online. The Internet is without question the most influential and arguably beneficial invention in recent history, and like it or not, it doesn’t look set to be going anywhere just yet, or anytime soon for that matter.

As more and more tasks and processes are carried out online however, more and more of our sensitive information has to be uploaded online, which does pose certain security risks. Thanks to the Internet, and now more recently, the invention of smart phones and smart devices, we can now pay for items whilst on the move, we can do our banking online, we can transfer money from one account to another, we can do our shopping online, heck, we can even pay for items by simply bumping our phones together with somebody else’s.

Technology is a miraculous thing, though staying safe and keeping our funds and personal details safe is still of the upmost importance. Our primary focus is safety and security, which is why we offer a number of safe and secure online payment systems on our site, allowing you to deposit funds, make purchases, transfer funds, and much more, in the safest and most secure way possible. Here’s a look at our payment methods.



paypalPayPal is actually the world’s most popular and most commonly used online payment system, processing billions upon billions every single year. Users can make payments via PayPal using their own personal PayPal account, or by using a credit card.

The great thing about PayPal is that funds can actually be transferred directly to email addresses, without the need for sort codes and account numbers. Not only does PayPal receive payments, users can also send funds via this unique service, which not many payment systems currently do.

One downside to PayPal however, is that currently it doesn’t offer Bitcoin transfers at the moment, though this could change in the near future.


skrillSkrill used to be known as Moneybookers and is an ecommerce business which offers money payments and transfers online, via their service. One popular trait about Skrill is the fact that they focus on international low-cost money transfers.

Skrill allows users to send and receive payments in over 40 different currencies, making it a popular platform in countries all over the world. They also support all major debit and credit cards. However, it is worth noting that once a transaction is made in a specific currency, the currency cannot then be altered at a later date.


netellerNeteller is currently used by individuals in over 200 countries to transfer funds from and to merchants, including online gambling companies. Users can withdraw their funds using a special NET+ card, or simply transfer them from their Neteller account to their personal bank accounts.

Neteller is very popular with the online gambling community as they have been operating in this particular field for over fifteen years now. Soon after they got into that particular field, Neteller were processing the payments of over 80% of the entire world’s online gambling merchants.

There is a great incentive for high-turnover customers as well, as Neteller offers premium memberships which are called Neteller VIP memberships. Users get access to extra features and lower fees.

Credit cards

visa_master_cardIf e-wallets, online banking systems and the like are a little too high-tech for your liking, you can always stick with good old credit cards. With major brands such as Mastercard and Visa popular in countries all over the world, you’ll be pleased to hear that we too accept these methods of payment.

The great thing about these cards is their simplicity to use, yet how extremely well-protected and secure they are. The only real downside is that if you do lose your card, it is your responsibility so to ensure your funds stay safe, and to save you a great deal of time and hassle, keep your credit cards safe and secure at all times.


This UK based electronic payment system allows its users to exchange their funds for secure codes which will allow them to make payments online. Users can use this code to make payments, to deposit funds, to load cards with funds, or to load e-wallets with cash for cash transfers.

These codes are distributed all over the world by certain kiosks, ATM machines, and participating retail outlets. Users will be provided with a unique 19 digit code which represents their prepaid money. When making a payment or transfer, they will enter this code, and if the purchase works out as less than the initial value of the first code, a brand new code will be provided to make up the difference, just like when you receive change from real world purchases on the high street.

UkashOne issue is with scammers being able to receive the unique codes of Ukash users and stealing their funds. Ukash have stepped up security and have urged users to guard their codes as if it was real money, which for all intents and purposes, it is.