How Do I Get Bitcoins?

Consumers around the world are excited about using Bitcoins. This digital, alternative currency has a global appeal and is completely run by its user base. The value of Bitcoins changes frequently, because it is such a new currency. Currently, this value is quite high, due to the limited number of Bitcoins in circulation.

Only 21 million Bitcoins will ever exist, and as their supply dwindles, their value goes up. Because of this, many people around the world are looking for the easiest way to get hold of Bitcoins.

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How Are Bitcoins Earned?

The two most common ways to obtain Bitcoins are to buy them or to mine them. Buying Bitcoins is simple and can be done through online exchanges or physical Bitcoin ATMs. However, buying whole Bitcoins can be very pricey, as the current value for one Bitcoin (as of July 2016) is roughly 650 US dollars.

Mining Bitcoins is another way to obtain them, but this process is extremely complicated and technical. Miners earn Bitcoins through encrypting previous transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. Because this process is both difficult and necessary for the Bitcoin system to work effectively, Bitcoin miners earn enviable rewards for their efforts.

Getting Paid In Bitcoin

How to get bitcoinHowever, for those who want an easier way to earn Bitcoins, there are several methods that you can try. Bitcoins can be broken down into smaller units, called Satoshis. Each Satoshi is worth one hundredth of a millionth of a Bitcoin. However, these can easily be earned as rewards for small tasks, amounting to some decent value over time.

The easiest way to get free Bitcoins is through faucet sites. These sites pay you varying amounts of Satoshis to surf their sites. Each has a different concept. Some have videos for you to watch or games that you can play. Others have content for you to read. is a particularly fun faucet that rewards you for reading classic literature. A similar concept is the phone or tablet game called Coin Flapper. Based off the popular game Flappy Bird, this rewards you in Bitcoin for winning tournaments against other players.

Another way to earn Bitcoin is through task reward sites. These will pay you in Bitcoins to take surveys or visit certain websites. These tasks are usually quite easy and pay in Satoshis. You can also try your hand at posting content on ChangeTip. Users post content on many different topics, and readers can choose to tip them varying amounts in Bitcoin. Most offer just a few Satoshis, but some generous tippers will pay several dollars.

Bitcoin Gambling & Trading

If you are feeling more daring, you can try your hand at gambling or trading for Bitcoins. How to get bitcoinSites like SatoshiDice allow you to gamble in very small amounts for Bitcoin. This is much less risky than traditional gambling sites. Users can start by depositing just a few cents and gambling for Bitcoins.

You can also look online for opportunities to trade Bitcoins for various goods and services. These opportunities are somewhat difficult to find but, with some effort, you can find ways to get free Bitcoins in a quick amount of time. Although it can take a long time to get a large volume of free Bitcoins with these methods, they are fun and easy, as well as generating some real value in the long run.

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