Rich and famous people on Bitcoin

Bitcoin Endorsements From The Rich And Famous

Ever since their release in 2009, Bitcoins have slowly been adopted by the world at large. This has been partially helped by the support and endorsements of certain celebrities, wealthy individuals or other high profile people.

Here are some of the popular reasons told by rich and famous people about it!

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1. It’s digital

You don't need to carry any coins with you. Digital currency is more secure, and the chances of being robbed are really small. Famous people tend to take risky steps and invest in different start-ups, where they prefer to get paid in Bitcoin.

2. You can easily purchase and sell it

One can easily purchase and sell Bitcoins all over the world. This high-value currency can be purchased by a simple mobile top up. Similarly, if you have been paid in bitcoin, and you want to sell then, you can do it in a secure process.

3. It’s perfect for start-ups

Small startups that need simultaneous funds and have ongoing expenses work best with Bitcoin. Ashton Kutcher is an example of someone who got richer thanks to Bitcoin: he invested in Bitpay and the investment turned out to be successful.

Endorsements Prior to 2013

Rich and famous As a relatively young virtual currency, bitcoins needed to prove themselves a bit more before most people were willing to put their endorsements onto the currency. Before 2013, there were few people talking about or endorsing the use of Bitcoin but, since then, a lot more famous people have joined the ranks and passed on their positive opinions of Bitcoins.

12 Celebrities and High Profile Bitcoin Users

1 - Ashton Kutcher

You could say that Ashton Kutcher was one of the earliest celebrity adopters of the currency, because he has been talking about it since 2013. Kutcher was always a big fan of the virtual coins since he heard about them and has encouraged others to begin using them as well.

2 - Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson readily likes the concept of Bitcoin and has often spoken out about it, but he also sees the industry as a source of extra income for himself. Branded Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATMs sit near the Las Vegas strip. He has also joined together with a few online Bitcoin companies to make a Bitcoin wallet service.

3 - Nas

This rapper has endorsed the virtual currency for its self-regulation that doesn’t depend on the government. He has never been one to trust governments, so Bitcoin presents a logical solution for anyone who has a similar sentiment.

4 - Julian Assange

Assange is the creator of Wikileaks. In his opinion, the balances and incentives for the creation and use of Bitcoin are developed properly, something that will help the currency to grow in popularity.

5 - Bill Gates

Rich and famous
The founder of Microsoft has always been a fan of disruptive and innovative technologies. Bitcoins have been marked as another such technology that he supports.

6 - Ben Bernanke

It might be surprising to learn that the former Chairman of the US Federal Reserve would support a decentralized virtual currency, but Bernanke is a vocal fan of Bitcoin and has expressed his support for virtual currencies, if they make payments easier and quicker.

7- Al Gore

Al Gore has stated that he likes the fact bitcoins replace the need for government regulation by using a complex algorithm instead.

8 - Richard Branson

This British investor is up for anything that will help him to earn more money from his array of companies. He said during an interview that, if people wanted to go to space, it would be better for them to pay for a space ship ride with bitcoins, rather than investing in a rival to his Virgin Galactic company.

9- Warren Buffett

One of the biggest names on Wall Street in the US, Buffett seems to like the currency due to its cheap nature.

10 - Peter Thiel

Even the co-found of Paypal has a highly positive feeling about Bitcoins. He believes they have the power to change the world, as well as the very way money is used.

11 - Drew Carey

Carey has in the past expressed his use of Bitcoin. He has even tweeted when he a business in New York refused to let him pay for his breakfast in the currency.

12 - Mel B

The Spice Girls singer started using Bitcoins as a way to connect with her fans and allow them to pay in more ways than they were previously able to.

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