Will the controversial Bitcoin alternative come back?

Rumor has it that a controversial alternative to bitcoin might be seeking a comeback and the bitcoin community seems to be disagreeing about the future development of the digital currency. Earlier this year, a company by the name of Bitcoin Unlimited launched an active movement to increase the size of the block size, in order to be able to pick up bitcoins quicker. The movement is not supported by many Bitcoin Core developers, so things might be turning into an interesting direction.

Bitcoin Unlimited developers have been quiet for a while and it seems like they have gotten a donation of almost half a million dollars from an anonymous donor, but the lastest news has it that one of Bitcoin’s investors, Roger Ver, and his mining pool managed to mine their first block of Bitcoin Unlimited.

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Bitcoin Unlimited hosted a conference in San Francisco that mirrored the technical tone that Bitcoin Core’s Scaling Bitcoin conference had, but Bitcoin Unlimited focused on highlighting a continued push for on-chain scaling solutions, while Bitcoin Core wanted to add new layers to the blockchain in the future, not now.

The chief scientist at Bitcoin Unlimited, Dr Peter Rizun, thinks the conference is a way for the community to meet and think about the best ways to proceed on technical changes that will allow them to establish themselves as a competitor to Bitcoin Core that can actually be considered as a major alternative.

What exactly is it?

Bitcoin Unlimited believes that they have all the resources needed to become the next big thing. They are a block size-boosting team that increases the size of the block from 1 megabyte to 20 megabytes for Bitcoin XT, and from 1 megabyte to two for Bitcoin Classic. According to them, anyone can use Bitcoin Unlimited to have a more successful mining session. The whole thing seems tempting but will it work?

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