Bingo Rules - How To Play?

Contrary to contemporary variegated games such as slots or video poker, bingo has been played much earlier in history. If we go back to the roots of the game, we would have travelled to 16th century Italy, where in accompaniment of spirited sound of Tarantella and smell of freshly baked focaccia, every Saturday people happily played a similar number game called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia”.

The French used to have their own “Le Lotto” also in the end of 18th century, as well as Germans at the beginning of the next century. Furthermore, Americans adopted the game which appeared as “beano’ from beans used to cover numbers on the gaming cards. One day, some excited man shouted victoriously “bingo!” instead of “beano” and here we have the present name.

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The principles of the bingo game are quite simple and the game is considered as devoid of strategy and based mainly on luck. Although there are players, who believe that some patterns are more effective and bring them more money.

Advanced players can play on many cards simultaneously, matching numbers quickly on even 30 cards at the same time (multi cards). Online bingo gives you opportunities to test your speed – play as many cards as you can handle! Will you dare to try your luck?

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Because the rules...

Bingo cards…are simple and the game gives the opportunities to get rich fast. To start the game you need just a pencil or color marker and a special bingo game card. In online world it is even easier, all you have to do to play is to sign up and try our great bingo games now!

Before you get into the bingo world, you should get to know how to play and what variants are available online. Classic and most common is a version with 75 numbers (American), but you will also find 80 (UK’s) and 90 (European) number variants.

Every game card is unique and usually divided into 24 numbered spaces (square 5x5) and a one “free space” recognized as automatically matched. There are also BINGO letters written above, where every sign symbolizes a different section.

In column “B” there are only 5 random numbers between 1 and 15. Column “I” contains numbers between 16 and 30, under “N” you can find a range between 31 and 45, in “G” between 46 and 60, thus “O” contains numbers between 61 and 75.

How to start?

At the beginning of bingo, you can play with a single card or, if you are a more experienced player, with multiple cards. Playing with more cards increases your chances of winning! All the cards have the same pattern and different set of numbers from 1 to 75.

The game is led by the Caller, who draws the numbers and announces them out loud. You should match a mentioned number if it appears on your card and contained in your winning pattern. When you match all the numbers in your pattern, it means you hit the “bingo”! As soon as you realize this, you should report it – shouting “bingo” or, in online bingo games, by clicking the proper button.

It is important to notify the Caller before the next number is announced. Similarly, if the game is being closed for the next one, all unnotified bingos lose.

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