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How To Play Craps: Beginner's Guide

History of Casino Craps

Casino craps of the modern day may be traced back to the 12th century, making it among the ancient-most casino games. It is known to originate from a game known as Hazard that first got documented as being played by Year 1125 by crusaders, while besieging the castle called Hazarth.
Hazard was quite a popular game in England during the 17th as well as 18th centuries, which began catching on in the remainder of Europe as time progressed. In particular, the French were staunch game-fans and speculation has it that the crap modern name derived from ‘crapaud’, which is French for “toad”.

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The earliest record appearance of craps within the United States is credited to Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville, a Louisiana man. Debate however exists regarding whether it got introduced by British immigrants to Mayflower.
Regardless, introduction of the game to US soil marked the next phase of its development leading up to the present-day craps. During the early days, the game got played on Mississippi riverboats, where John H Winn, a dice maker, simplified it.
John H Winn has been credited with further craps development, turning the ancient game of hazard into its form as known today. The change in rules he introduced include ability of betting with or against shooter. It was the earlier Bank Craps version that is played today in casinos.
The rules of playing craps game have hardly changed over recent years, except for odds bets getting even bigger (certain casinos presently offer 100X odds), with addition of the occasional bet.
Online craps is the latest development that has taken place in craps. Casinos on the internet have offered crap games from way back in 1994, with the game experiencing significant growth since. Certain differences do exist in that virtual dice gets rolled, but game basics remain unaltered, whether playing online or offline.

Rules and Variations of Online Craps

Certain additional bets are rare to find in real casinos, the most notable being Place Bets to Lose. Such bets lie opposite of Place Bets, winning if a 7 gets rolled prior to the point. The house edge on such bets ranges in-between 1.8% and 3%. These kinds of bets only work online as majority of players would easily get annoyed by them when playing at offline casinos.
Another minor variation of online craps betting lies in how commission on the Buy and Lay bets gets paid. If you prefer playing these bets, the rules are worth double-checking, before playing. Various casinos appear to do this in different manner.
If new to gaming, it is important to consider certain craps tips before commencing on the game. Check out if your online casino has a comprehensive help section and great support staff. Keeping in mind these steps will keep you from facing problems when getting started with casinos online:

  • Choose a good casino
  • Determine if to download software or instantly play if available
  • Download available free software then install it
  • Register for an account for free money play
  • Make the first deposit
  • Collect the welcome bonus
  • Get to play games
  • Carry out a withdrawal

How to Play Craps in Casinos

The craps table might seem confusing as a new gamer, owing to the numerous options available for betting. This could put off many players, yet learning how to play craps is fairly simple and even easier compared to learning about other casino games like blackjack that require correct strategies. But, for those more inquisitive players, we prepared clear and pretty useful article with tips and strategies. Don't hesitate to check it!
Learning a number of basic bets and about how online craps progresses should help you get started with ease. After mastering the basics, you can take a look at other options for betting before deciding whether you wish to make extra bets. The amazing thing is that the two bets most common in craps carry house edges which are among the lowest within the casino.
It is easy to find a craps table, if gaming online. Just look for it within the casino games menu then choose the game you like in order to open it.

Order of play

All craps games subscribe to a set playing order. Every round begins with come out roll, continuing till a seven gets rolled. If you do not know how to bet craps, it might be useful watching one or two games before commencing with play. A simple order of play follows below:

craps table

  • Placing the bets
  • A shooter rolls ‘Come out Roll’
  • The round ends if number 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12 gets rolled
  • Winning bets get paid when the round ends
  • The point gets established if number 1, 4, 5, 6, 8 9 or even 10 gets rolled
  • The shooter rolls again now
  • The round ends with winnings getting paid, if the point gets rolled
  • Again the round ends if the person shooting rolls number 7

You ought to just focus on two bets if new to craps playing, namely the Odds Bet and Pass Line Bet. The Pass Line Bet is placed by placing a chip on Pass Line table section. You will win money if the shooter rolls number 7 or 11, or lose if the shooter rolls number 2, 3 or 13.
The craps Odds Bet is a brilliant selection as it bears no house edge. In order to make it, first place Pass Line bet on come out roll. Place a different bet below the Pass Line Bet once a point is established. Your casino determines your betting amount, but a majority offer double odds, implying you may bet double the Pass Line Bet you make.

Try out your skills by playing Craps with us below!

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