Online Keno – the rules are simple!

How To Play Online Keno: Easy Guide

Keno is a game that has been around for many years. It is thought to have originated in China, but was brought to the US in the mid 1800’s by some Chinese immigrants. The game itself is very much like a hybrid between bingo and the lottery and is an easy game to play. Of course, very much like the lottery, keno offers the players the possibility of winning large sums of money with some very small wagers.

The growth in popularity of keno can be put down to the games being playing in the Internet. Playing keno online has provided many people the opportunity to play this very simple game that they would not otherwise have had the chance to play. These days you can even play free online keno to get your feet wet before you decide to play for some money.

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How exactly do you play keno?

Well let’s learn how to play it. To start with you pick your keno numbers, or “spots”, from a selection of 80 numbers. The amount of numbers you choose is up to you but the more you pick the higher the potential pay out. Having said that though the minimum and maximum amount of spots players can pick will vary depending on where you are playing keno. The number of spots allowed is usually in the range of 4 to 15.

When you are picking your spots you also choose a wager amount - this is how much you are betting on the ticket. To compare this to the lottery it would be the price of the lottery ticket, except you choose the prize you want to pay.

Of course the larger the initial wager the larger the potential winnings are too. As mentioned earlier it is possible to play free online keno, but if you do want to play for money you can play for as little as 5 cents per ticket just to get a taste of what keno has to offer!

Once you have picked your spots the keno machine will randomly pick 20 of the numbers from the 80 and the players are trying to match as many of their spots with the numbers drawn as possible.

Uptown Aces

These random draws happen at regular intervals and if you miss one then not to worry, you can always catch the next one running shortly afterwards. If you have some winning Keno numbers or “hits”, meaning that some of your spots match the numbers drawn then you will likely win some money. prepared more advanced advices in the article about tips and strategies. Check, what kind of bets are the most profitable for you!

Let's talk about the money

Of course the pay outs are determined by the keno odds. The more spots you choose initially then the less likely you will match a lot of them with the 20 numbers drawn in the game. Because it is less likely to happen the keno odds are a lot higher and thus the pay outs are much larger. In some cases you could win sums in the range of $50,000 (the top prizes exceed $150,000) for a single wager of only $1. That would be the case if you had a large number of spots, such as 15 spots and you matched every single one of them with the numbers drawn.

To put it in perspective, in keno games where you are allowed 20 spots, no one has ever hit all 20 spots on a keno ticket. But if someone did, they would be in for one extremely large pay out, even if their wager was only small.

Fortunately, even if you don’t match any of the spots on your keno ticket, it doesn’t mean that you have lost. Some online keno sites will pay out if you don’t match any number at all or if you only hit a small number of your spots.

The exact pay outs used in keno are not a standardised thing and will vary from site to site depending on where you decide to play keno.

Some site will offer very uniform pay outs as you move up through less likely outcomes while others will offer huge pay outs to the unlikely outcomes (matching more of your spots) and then smaller pay outs for hitting only a few of your spots.

Miami Club

This is something that you as a player can take into consideration when deciding where to play. Are you the kind to want huge potential returns or are you happy with the uniform increase in pay out as you move through the scale of likelihood of outcome?

Try your luck

The great thing about online keno is that the game is sped up considerably when compared to how the game is played in a live casino. Online keno can play many games per hour where this is not possible at all when played in a casino.

Keno is a game that is very simple to learn and is certainly a lot of fun. It has attracted many people to play it over the years due to the ease of learning the game and the accessibility since the advent of the Internet, but of course, the main attraction for most people is the potentially huge pay days that playing keno offers players for very small wagers.

These sorts of returns for the small amounts is something that no other game other than the lottery can offer. But... don't believe me, just try the best keno games yourself!

Try out your skills by playing Keno with us below!

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