Bingo etiquette – 6 behavioral tips

Bingo etiquette - six behavioral tips

Bingo etiquette rules apply not only for those who like to play bingo live in halls; it is also meant for you to better understand the game and to create an awareness about the most common good manners and cultures of the game which has been maintained for ages.

The most important thing when you enter the room is to be silent, but friendly to other participants. Everyone values peace and quietness, specifically during an ongoing game. prepared some hints, which might improve your bingo etiquete.

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1. Hold your tongue

That is a good habit wherever you go. How many times have you listened about the recipe for apple pie or the gastric problems of someone’s mother’s friend during your trip by public transportation? Nobody likes to listen to private talks, especially over a bingo game drawing. Think about others and try not to disturb them.

2. Don’t repeat the numbers

This also refers to talking. 74, 5, 12, 23… whispered all the time around. Isn’t it irritating? Keep your bingo cards close and pay attention to the called numbers. Repeating can help you, but may be taken as rude and annoy other participants.

3. Check before you yell too early…

Sometimes it seems like you already have it. IT SEEMS. So make sure to double-check before you disappoint everyone with false alarm. When someone shouts “bingo!” suddenly, the caller or casino staff has to check your bingo cards and the game stops automatically. This is one of the most annoying behaviors breaking the bingo etiquette.

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4. Don’t smoke in prohibited places

Sounds so obvious, but some people cannot restrain themselves from having a fag everywhere and anytime. Smoke only in designated areas.

5. Keep an eye on your kids

Despite the fact that casinos don’t allow children to enter, there are places where you can take your sweethearts with you. Children like to move around (they naturally need it), talk and grumble. Make sure they won’t cause any discomfort to other players.

6. Don’t put the blame on the Caller

If someone’s doing you a favor and conducting your favorite game, appreciate it and value his (or her) work. Every game of chances relies on random drawing, so even if you keep on losing for whole day, it is not the Caller’s fault.

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