Keno – tips for beginners

What Are the Keno Winning Numbers?

As many already know, keno is very much like the lottery where you pick numbers and hope to match them with the numbers drawn out. There is no way to predict the numbers that are drawn, so there is no strategy for keno as far as picking numbers is concerned. However, what players should be aware of are the odds and bets given to them while playing keno.


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Keno strategy tips

Players should be aware of:

  • The minimum and maximum amount of numbers they are allowed to choose in that particular casino or online site.
  • The minimum bet that must be placed when playing a ticket in keno.
  • The potential pay-out that they could receive if they match some or all of their numbers.
  • Their chances of matching numbers.

The potential pay-out that they could receive could be known by matching some numbers from a certain initial bet. Consequently, the chances that actually occur are the strategies that come into play.

Whether you are a beginner or have been playing keno for years, each time you start the game, you should find out all of the information above. The reason is simple; it helps you decide the best amount of numbers to choose.

The odds of matching any given amount of numbers is something that all keno players should know. Of course, there are 80 numbers to choose from, and 20 are drawn during the game. The odds of players matching these numbers is dependent on how many initial numbers you chose. The odds of hitting 1 number for example is not absolute, but instead, this will change depending on how many numbers you chose.

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Although the number below aren't the keno winning numbers, they perfectly show how often you can win in some particular events. 

Pick 1 number:

  • Match 0: 75%
  • Match 1: 25%

Pick 2 numbers:

  • Match 0: 56.01%
  • Match 1: 37.97%
  • Match 2: 6.02%

Pick 3 numbers:

  • Match 0: 41.65%
  • Match 1: 43.09%
  • Match 2: 13.88%
  • Match 3: 1.39%

Pick 4 numbers:

  • Match 0: 30.83%
  • Match 1: 43.27%
  • Match 2: 21.26%
  • Match 3: 4.32%
  • Match 4: 0.31%

Pick 5 numbers:

  • Match 0: 22.72%
  • Match 1: 40.57%
  • Match 2: 27.05%
  • Match 3: 8.39%
  • Match 4: 1.21%
  • Match 5: 0.06%

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This trend continues all the way up till it matches 10 numbers. However, the actual chances of matching 10 numbers are very low indeed.

Pick 10 numbers:

  • Match 0: 4.58%
  • Match 1: 17.96%
  • Match 2: 29.53%
  • Match 3: 26.74%
  • Match 4: 14.73%
  • Match 5: 5.14%
  • Match 6: 1.15%
  • Match 7: 0.16%
  • Match 8: 0.014%
  • Match 9: 0.00061%
  • Match 10: 0.000011%

Another element to longevity in the world of keno is bankroll management, and this is what every player should take seriously. In order to have bankroll management, you must first have a bankroll. To do this, you must set aside an amount of money to play keno with and that is all you ever do with that money.

Players must understand that keno is a game that is subject to probability and statistical distributions, in which you are never guaranteed to win any given bet. Therefore, it is important that you use your bankroll wisely in order to put yourself in a position to weather through the periods when you are not winning.

This will give you a lifeline, and ensure that you remain in the game until you eventually win. After all, if you lose all your money in the first few games, it will be impossible to find out if you will win big in subsequent games.

The advisable method for managing your bankroll is to never make a bet that exceeds 1% of your total bankroll. This means that you will get at least 100 attempts at playing until you lose all your money. The beneficial effect is clear; you will be able get through unlucky periods.

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Of course, if you start with $1000 dollars, you can bet $10 a time. However, if you lose $300 in a row and now have $700, that does not mean you can still bet $10. What it means that you will have to constantly adjust your bets to the tune of 1% of your bankroll. Therefore, when you are down to $700, you will be betting $7.

You can use the bankroll management strategy that utilizes less than 1% of your bankroll on any bet, but 1% is the most you should ever bet on any single bet; anything less than that is also fine.

Although keno is a game of pure luck as no one can predict the exact numbers that are going to come out when they are drawn, there are some strategies that can be employed to keep you involved and competitive in the game for as long as possible. As long as you know the odds, the pay-outs of the games and you manage your bankroll sensibly, you should be able to maximize your long term enjoyment and profit while playing keno.


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