Paroli Roulette Strategy: system explained

Paroli roulette strategy is also called as paroli progression or reverse martingale system. This strategy is commonly used in roulette, but it can also be applied to other casino games, like blackjack, craps, baccarat, sports betting or even forex or stock market trading.
This tactic is very often considered as more efficient and profitable than martingale. Some players believe that paroli is the most powerful gambling system, although it doesn’t guarantee any benefits.

Why is it called reverse martingale? Because it is inversely proportional to martingale and it involves doubling your winning bets. You don’t risk more money to make your losses back and the stake is not higher than 1 unit (the minimum bet of the table). In paroli system some people really find their answer for the question: how to win at roulette?

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Paroli system is about playing coinflips

Simply put your wager on even chances bet, so as we called it – “coin flip”. It might be either black/red, even/odd or high/low numbers. Start with a minimum bet possible on the roulette table that you chose. Of course, if you can afford higher stakes, you can bet more. Anyhow, set it as 1 unit.

Now, everything depends on the result. If you’re lucky enough to double up, then bet again putting the original wager and amount you won (2 units). If the wheel is generous and you win again, simply repeat the move.

The most frequent question asked when it comes to paroli betting system is: how many times should I bet and when should I withdraw? The answer might be difficult and definitely isn’t certainly clear. Theoretically this roulette system can make you rich, so why shouldn’t you use it? Wait… don’t be hotheaded and count your chances. The chart below shows the probabilities for paroli roulette strategy. Take a look what chances you have to get desired profit:

Spin Bet size Profit Chances
1 1 1 48,6%
2 2 3 24,3%
3 4 7 12,15%
4 8 15 6,08%
5 16 31 3,04%
6 32 63 1,52%
7 64 127 0,76%

Much depends on your propensities. Some people are happy after 3 lucky streak and they go away, but others like to feel the thrill and they keep in betting for even 10 rounds, taking their chances for winning really decent money – after 10 lucky spins, their initial wager grows from 1 to 1024 units! For example, if someone started with a bet of 10$ and fully applies paroli betting strategy, lucky wealthy men goes out with 10 240 $...

Manage your money wisely

Try to double up as many times as you feel comfortable. The most important is your joy and satisfaction, so when you reach the gratifying point, just withdraw your winnings. Amazing thing about paroli system is, that even if you lose your initial wager (1 unit), it’s still very little amount. You can try a few times and still the losses won’t wipe your bankroll.

Let’s say, you start with $100 and you play $1 bets using paroli system. Even if you lose your first wager 10 times in a row, your losses aren’t too painful. According to the bankroll management rules mentioned in our article, the next session you should start with $90 and your bets shouldn’t exceed $0,90. These advices will save your money from busting, the game safer and profits possibly higher and more regular.

Play with paroli progression online

It’s all easier when you play roulette online, because everything is accessible at your fingertips. Another advantage is the table limits. The land-based casinos usually set up certain maximum table limits to avoid potential losses to the players who use martingale or paroli betting system.

Some online providers offer the games with minimum bets as little as 0,01$, so it’s good for learning and also for people who want to build their bankrolls from small stakes. The other side of the coin is that you can choose tables which allow progressive play. The table limits go much higher there, so potentially you can win more (paroli system) or lower the risk of losing the invested amount (martingale system).

Self-control through the money management plus patience and proper bets are together actually the best chance to beat the game!

Try out your skills by playing Roulette with us below!

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