Roulette strategy – how to win at roulette?

How To Win At Roulette Using a Strategy

Roulette is one of the most mysterious games available in casinos. Even though many gamblers believe in different systems; these systems do not really work. We want to make sure that after reading this article, you won't believe in myths anymore and you'll be aware of your odds and the house advantage. The best roulette strategy is this one, which totally solves every mystery.

How to win at roulette?

1. Bankroll management

The basis any of the roulette strategies and the first and absolutely crucial thing about playing roulette (and generally gambling) is to manage your money properly, which is called bankroll management. The funds you spend on the game cannot constitute a significant part of your general savings or budget for living. Your bankroll should depend on how much you can actually lose. Never disregard this rule and don’t go over your limits!

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Place reasonable bets. A good way to stay in the game and not go bankrupt within one session is to bet 1% of your whole gambling bankroll. If your budget for roulette is $1000, don’t bet more than $10 in a single wager. Before you start the game, make sure you choose the right roulette table with an adequate minimum bet.

Moreover, you should set up how much from your bankroll you can lose during a single session. Such loss limit will help you resist the variance of the game. For example: you set up your loss limit for 10% and willing to spend $1000. Every time you sit down at the roulette table, you aren’t allowed to lose more than $100. The next time, you should start the game with $900 and accordingly, your loss limit should equal $90 and the minimum bet $9.

The same rule should be applied with your winning maximum. A wise gambler knows how much time he should spend on playing and when to leave the roulette table. Let’s say he sets his limit at 20% of his bankroll. He will never stay longer, greedily counting on a bigger profit. As soon as he reaches his 200 $ (in our example), he stops playing.

The best way to learn how to manage your bankroll is to try roulette for real money. Choose one of our magnificent games and try to apply the bankroll management rules.

2. Play the best online roulette

Nothing is easier. We supply you with a great range of games provided by the best operators (Playtech, Microgaming, Netent, or RTG). We selected an excellent choice of roulette online to embellish your time in an extraordinary way.

Every self-respecting gambler always fishes for better odds in roulette. That’s why most of them choose European variants more often than an American one. The difference between them is clearly explained in the article about roulette rules.

3. Roulette betting strategy

Gamblers in the world have many different opinions and strategies. Sometimes they become legendary – who hasn’t heard colorful stories about dependable tactics from regular losers? Have you ever seen them win? You can believe in the roulette system, lucky numbers, good runs of red or black (and with these relations – I will bet on red now, because black hit last 10 times constantly), but mathematics is ruthless. Make sure you get familiar with the odds in roulette, so you can consciously place your bets.

Gamblers all around the world wonder how to win in roulette. I will be straightforward - there is no way to win in roulette. The House will always take its part, no matter how good you are at various bet combinations. It is called the “house edge” and it means that with every roulette bet, the casino takes a fixed share.

American roulette wheel contains 38 pockets with losing 0 and 00, which gives the house edge of 5,26%. Bet on a single number, called straight-up bet, and offers you odds 1-37, while the payout is just 35-1. For instance, you bet $10 on your lucky number and it turns out that this number is really lucky, a ball falls into the desirable pocket and you get your prize. But wait… instead of a profit of $370 you get only $350. Don’t feel let down. This is a kind of “tax” casino takes from every spin. So every time someone hits his lucky number, these 20 bucks go to the room’s cashbox. Now dust off your calculator and count 2/38.

The same thing happens when we take into consideration European roulette wheel, which is more likely to be chosen by gamblers. Here the houses are not that greedy and take just 2,7% of casino tax. Calculations are similar – simply divide 1 by 37.

However, roulette strategy is not only about knowing the probabilities. There are also some systems, which work and let the player earn, but only if he consequently sticks to the principles.

One of them is martingale, which demands a huge bankroll (correctly would have been: infinite bankroll) and another one is paroli, which might be more enjoyable to those players, who don't have much money to spend, but want to try their chances to win a big prize.

Try out your skills by playing Roulette with us below!

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